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Protecting Our Earth

From the very beginnings of St. Kitts’ history—all the way back to its first recorded name of Liamuiga—our island has been defined by its lush landscapes and abundant earth, alive and teeming with natural beauty. With sustainability at the forefront of all that we do, we help guarantee that the island remains resilient to the effects of climate change.

Our Sustainable Best Practices

Natural Resource Management
By taking care of our earth, we preserve its beauty for generations to come.

Community Participation
By engaging our local community, we strengthen our commitment to sustainability as a whole.

Operational Management
By collaborating with local businesses, we harness collective action to achieve positive impacts on a larger scale.

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Community Support

Established in 2016, the Heart of St. Kitts Foundation brings together St. Kitts’ tourism industry and local community to conserve natural habitats, preserve local culture and heritage sites, and promote community-driven tourism products.

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Destination Guardian Training

By equipping Kittitians with crucial knowledge on the value and importance of sustainable tourism, the Destination Guardian training workshop empowers our local community to see themselves as stewards of St. Kitts’ future.

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“I Speak
St. Kitts”

“I Speak St. Kitts” is a program that encourages local tourism professionals to act as ambassadors who spread awareness of St. Kitts’ unique tourism experiences and products, leading to a more connected and sustainable tourism industry.