a group of people standing on a stone wall with a statue of a man and a woman

Brimstone Hill Fortress

An Island's History

St. Kitts’ Brimstone Hill Fortress is an imposing stone structure—an engineering feat and a testament to the strength and perseverance of the Kittitian spirit. Its construction began in 1690, and would continue, in phases, for 100 years.

At 800 ft above sea level, the fortress offers commanding views of the island’s coastline, the historic town of Sandy Point, and the forested peaks of its northernmost mountain range. Standing before these views, among the thick stone walls, the sense of wonder and reverence is tangible.

There’s a reason they call this the Gibraltar of the West Indies.

To visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site and National Park implies a scenic—and quite winding—drive from the coast, up the hill and through rainforest. Fortifying walls and narrow arched entryways mark your approach. Attentive eyes will catch a vervet monkey or two darting across the road and into the bush.