Things to Do in St. Kitts

Days of Discovery

Many are fond of St. Kitts for its natural beauty, with miles and miles of lush forest crawling with hiking paths, volcanic craters, and scenic overlooks. Others are lured here by the vibrant culture or pristine beaches, hoping for a chance to spend as much time as possible doing nothing at all. When deciding what to do, focus on nurturing what brings you joy—and indulging in what piques your curiosity. 

Things to Do

a couple people riding atvs on a dirt road next to a stone structure


Eco parks, catamaran charters, and land rover safaris that veer off the beaten path are just the beginning. Choose from a wide range of thrilling activities that invite you to see the island in a brand new light.

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a man and woman sitting at a table with food and clinking wine glasses on a beach


Sample the island’s diverse culinary offerings that range from traditional goat water and johnny cakes to finely seasoned lobster, caught fresh and served just moments later.

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a group of people in clothing

Island Happenings

There’s always something happening here—food festivals, cricket tournaments, and live performances by top artists are just a few of them. Take a look at what’s coming up next.  

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a man and woman standing with arms outstretched on a cliffside of Mount Liamuiga's peak


Walk among the clouds, embark on a quest to find hidden waterfalls, or reach the towering cliffs that overlook the rugged shores of the Atlantic—there are enough trails here to spend a lifetime exploring. 

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a table with bottles and glasses of rum

Become A Kittitian Rummaster

Delight your spirit with a deep dive into the history of rum production on the island, with the opportunity to sample unique flavor profiles, try your hand at small-batch production, and become a certified Kittitian RumMaster by afternoon’s end.

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